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Dan's Papers Cover

(Hamptons and Manhattan circulation)

September 19 1997 and October 31 1997

Painting "Untitled Nude" featured in "Suits" the movie 1999

Short Film: "Lost At Home"

Wrote and directed

Voted "Best Short" at The 1997 Long Island Film Festival

"Second Place" at Humboldt County International Film Festival

Biographical Article

Dan's papers September 1997 by Marion Wolberg Weiss

Recent Press

Dan's Papers, November 2012

New York Post, May 2012

NBC Nightly News, May 2012

Village Voice, May 2012

East Hampton Star 2011

East Hampton Press June 2007

Hamptons Magazine August 2008

Appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, September 2007

Featured in an article about portraiture, Time Out New York, Feb 22nd 2007 issue


BFA Stanford University 1993

Studied with Nathan Oliveira and Larry Thomas.


Daniel Mendhelowitz Scholarship,
Reina Geese Award for Creative Painting.

Academic Programs

Daniel Greene Portrait Workshop 1991
Vermont Studio Center 1992


The Art Out There by David Carmack Lewis, Dec 2012

Nick Weber has been working through some issues with his art. I guess we all kind of know that art is sometimes therapy for the artist, and there's an old cliché, with some merit to it, that artists are, if not crazier than most folks, at least more neurotic and perhaps a little narcissistic. In this respect an artist's work can be seen as self-portraiture even if the subject matter is someone else. Nick Weber has been doing portraits and figurative work for a long time. They vary greatly, from tight carefully crafted commissions of wealthy patrons, to casual studies of friends, to painted renditions of internet porn. The latter has brought him both attention and controversy, both useful to an artistic career. But it also points to one of the artists primary obsessions. Sexually attractive women. Are they people in his paintings? Or are they sexualized objects? The answer could easily be both. But lately it may be more accurate to say they are neither. In the past Mr. Weber has used his art not to solve his complex relationship toward women but to simply confront it, confess it, and move on. Now he is using the same subject matter, long familiar to him, to simply explore the possibilities of painting. He has gotten more experimental in recent years. The courage it took to paint explicit pornography (and yes, it took courage, if not taste) now reveals itself in his helter-skelter exploration of more expressionistic techniques. The flip side of courage is of course recklessness. But he has the chops to pull it off. I added one of his night scenes here as well because I think they offer a look at another side of the artist, a more melancholic side, less anxious to confront his audience or himself, or please them either. They are about moments alone. They capture beautifully the feeling one gets of the atmosphere at night, when the air does not feel like emptiness, but a palpable medium through which we move. They are beautifully observed and executed. And I'm a sucker for night scenes. You can see more work of all kinds on his website: He currently has a lot going on. There's a retrospective of his figurative and portrait work open until Dec. 31 at QF Gallery in East Hampton, NY. His porn paintings are up until Jan. 11 at res ipsa gallery, and you can see more work online or in the gallery at I first posted work by Mr. Weber in April 2009.

Nick Weber: Night Scenes @ Get Real Art

156 Fifth Ave, NYC
Through 6/29/2012

Don't be deceived by the name, the anti-gallery Get Real Art actually does have real art and it's hanging in the basement. The current gem-of-a-show in the Project Room downstairs features Nick Weber, a local artist trained on both coasts. This is Weber's first solo show in New York, and it is worth catching before it closes this week. Weber carves figures out of blackness, illuminating his nocturnal narratives with night lights - a solitary car bathed in lamp light, a shadowy figure of a girl lit by her cigarette and a couple exposed by a bed-side lamp, to name just a few. Weber's most obvious influences include Rembrandt and Munch and there may even be a California abstract expressionist in him somewhere. It seems a natural and logical reference as he studied with Nathan Oliveira and is familiar with the work of other California painters like Richard Diebenkorn and David Park. All in all, this intimate show is a rare find.

Nick Weber: Between Moments @ Get Real Art

156 Fifth Ave, NYC
Through 1/9/2012

In this exhibition, the second solo show by painter Nick Weber, Weber displays his mastery of light, color and texture in single portraits and group scenes.Painting in oil on canvas, he captures subtle gradations of light and skillfully renders his figures in a manner that seems nonchalant and uncalculated. Weber's work is also full of subtext, exploring issues dealing with class, sexual politics and the fragility of male self-esteem. Clearly influenced by Rembrandt and Munch, Weber's art is a welcome sight in today's art scene. Give yourself a present and check out this show before it closes.

Nick Weber @ The Fireplace Project

851 Springs Fireplace Rd, East Hampton, NY
Through 6/27/2012

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